Code Name Jonah
Code Name: Jonah brings a tight mix of post-bop jazz, smooth funk, and space age goodness with every beat, every note, and every song.  The rhythm section of Shawn Ellis (bass) and Alan Spearot (drums) provides a funky, moving texture, while Boris Burtin (keys) adds a mood-altering cocktail of synths and organs.  The three ultimately create an open yet sophisticated canvas on which Chinh Tran (saxes, wind synth) serves a tasty spread of brain splitting notes.  The result is a thoughtful, danceable, and straight-up nasty blend of jazz, funk, latin, and electronica that is sure to please the senses and ignite your inner special agent.

Code Name: Jonah's debut album, Little Spirit Thing, is now available as a free download!  Listen to the tracks on this page, or
download the entire album in MP3 format.

01. Ten Seconds Today
02. Hot Chocolate
03. Leslie Patel
04. Serve Chilled
05. Feel Your Cutie
06. Trellis
07. Confession
08. A Forgotten Guitar
09. Bad Memory
10. Retribution

You can also stream or download recordings of past shows from the Live Music Archive: